Friday, March 23, 2018

November 2017 through March 2018

No Crying meeting Santa today! 
Lucy Brought home her class pet Sebastian so we got lots of pictures!

Singers Company Christmas Outfits!

Lucy and I go to a cooking class once a month where they talk about nutrition and make a healthy snack. It's really fun and free! I love to get time with Lucy!

Lucy's craft!

Georgia had the idea to raise money for a good cause after Nick and I ran a race for a good cause. She had the idea to have a santa run where all of the kids will chase Santa. Nick was of course Santa and was hilarious.  The kids brought either a dollar or a can of food. It was so fun and cute and the kids really did think Nick was the real deal and was telling him what to bring them for Christmas!

A week before Thanksgiving, we decided to take a spontaneous trip to North Carolina/South Carolina. It was seriously so fun and I realized so worth it for the memories! We had a blast with Nick's parents and we will always remember this trip with them. It was fun that it was so spontaneous and I hope to do more things like this!

We went to Savannah, Georgia and it was fun--not as great as Charleston, but still pretty amazing!

Lucy got to ride on a pony and was in heaven!

There were so many fun things at the resort and Nick and his dad participated in the fishing contest. Nick won for the largest fish and the most fish (tied with his dad), but they didn't want to give two trophies to one family, so they shared it!! 

Hilton Head! SO PERFECT!

Our Thanksgiving Dinner in our Hilton Head house!

Georgia lost her first tooth and wrote this adorable note!

Her missing bottom teeth!

She was Star of the Week and got to sit at this desk!

She made this in her cooking class--a little gingerbread ornament!

For "Light the World", we bought candies and put them on people's cars with notes!

Hotel swimming!

We went up to Candlelight Christmas at Christmas time and had a blast! 

Horse Drawn Carriage with lights generated by a loud generator. hahaha. 

Christmas with Papa Pehrson

It was a White Christmas!

For Crazy Hair Day, Lucy came up with her own idea to put pants on her head! lol. I added it with flip flops on the end!

Nick and I went to a ward Sock Hop and got these glasses. They looked adorable on Lucy!

When they were doing this, I kept thinking that Ruby was just looking into her future! 

Ruby loves being social and seeing friends her same size! She holds their hand and hugs them and just really lights up because she wants to play!

Her school did a "dress like your favorite book character" and so she dressed like Amelia Bedelia!

Lucy sold Rocks after coming back from hiking at Zions! She made money! It was hilarious! All her idea---little Entrepreneur!

One day Georgia came home from school and informed me that she told a bunch of kids she was having a costume party after school the next day. She told them to pack their lunches and their costumes in their bag and come right over after school. She even arranged I would pick up carpool. uhhh... so funny. I was getting calls and texts from moms asking if this was for real. I will attach real photos but we had 10 friends come to her party after school the next day. Little notice from me. She came up with her own games and ideas. They ate lunch on the tramp, played red light green light, "guess who is wearing what costume with their eyes closed." so funny!

Hiking at Zions beginning of March!

Weeping Rock!

Turns out Ruby loves the meerkats too!

Oh my gosh! I'm going to take a bite out of her!