Sunday, May 21, 2017

San Diego and Other Fun Happenings! February-MayMy

March: We went to San Diego just for a fun little family "get-away!" I dare say that I like San Diego (Sea World and the Zoo) a little better than Anaheim for Disneyland. Don't get me wrong--Disneyland was fun, but this trip was so dreamy! It's so pretty there and it was just calm and hardly any crowds! Sea World felt so empty and it was a gorgeous day. Nick got the eat all day pass for an extra $20 and you can get a 4 course meal every hour--so that's exactly what he did. It fed our family for the whole day--we got lots of fresh fruits and vegetables and treats--it was awesome! The girls loved the shows and we walked on every ride at Sea World. The zoo was also gorgeous and amazing and just a fun day. And we spent a day at Mission Beach where we met up with the Moshers. It was really fun. We LOVED our hotel--it was perfect for kids and so new and nice (but way good price!) I would definitely stay there again. The road trip was great and Ruby honestly cried for like 3 minutes TOTAL! She is a dream girl--and so easy and fun to travel with! I love her so much.

Even though the girls won't remember everything about this trip, I don't care! I will remember it and remember how much they loved it in the moment. This time of life is the best and even though it is sometimes hard doing this stuff with little kids, it is so worth it. It will be fun when they get older and not so hard, but then things won't be AS magical for them either. So--I will do these things as much as possible when I can! I love seeing the magic in them--it just makes life so much more "magical!"

Ruby started crawling before we left on our trip to Sea World (about 7 months old)

Classic Lucy face--this is after I told her to "smile"

The Gondola ride at Sea World--Georgia was so endearing. The whole time she would say, "This is so beautiful up here...I love looking at the trees and the gorgeous water."

Breakfast at the hotel! Sooo good--lots of fresh fruit and of course the waffles were Amazin!

This lady at Sea World told me I "HAD TO GO TO EXTRAORDINARY DESSERTS!" So--I did! It was the longest lines and they had some cool and pretty dessert--but it wasn't THAT extraordinary. I swear--Harmon's here in Utah (the grocery store) makes just as pretty desserts. But--I donno. It was good and every dessert had a gold flake on it, but still...
Georgia's pet from preschool (Ocho) that she took home for the day! We love her preschool--just a couple blocks from our house in the basement of a neighbor. Cutest house and teachers and I love that we can just bike/walk to school!

Lucy dressed up in a wedding dress! She loves doing this and talking about how she wants to marry daddy.

Rubes and Nick on the "comfy" couch. This couch doesn't even fit our style but I will never get rid of it because it is the most comfortable thing on the planet. We really do call it the "comfy" couch. Best Sunday naps happen here.

When we had three kids, we wondered what we would do when we wanted to bike anywhere. Now--Georgia just rides her own bike, but when we bike long distances, we like to take the trailer. Well--problem solved--just put all three in the trailer at once!

Even Ruby fell asleep on the way home!

My laundry helper!


I got a mini crimper and Lucy's thick hair makes for amazing crimp!

This is at Georgia's field trip to the Children's Musuem--it was really fun!

When life hands you a popsicle that looks just like you from the ice cream truck--you have to buy it! Georgia heard the ice-cream truck from like 3 miles away--I couldn't even hear it--how are kids trained to listen for this stuff. So--she rode her bike until she found it, used her own money, and bought two popsicles (so Lucy wouldn't feel left out).

Lucy and her Spinach!--she'll eat this raw by the handful!

The girls tried on my wedding dress---it was hilarious! One day maybe I'll fit into this!

I love this stage when they ride in the cart!

Happy Easter 2017!

Nick had a work conference in Logan--so we tagged along for the hotel. We got to see Mikkal and Ben and I got to see Chelsea. The hotel was the same layout as the one in San Diego (perfect for kids).

We got Zoo passes in April--such a great deal--love going just for a couple of hours!

Georgia--the Second mom!

I do a little preschool for Lucy and her friend on Tuesdays and Thursdays.

I find myself at Smiths Marketplace a couple times a week-we come out like bandits every time we go. They have food crafts every Thursday, free prizes if you can find Minnie/Mickie Mouse in the aisles, free fruit, free cookies, free cheese, free sushi, free EVERYTHING!

I love seeing their toys after they go to bed--this stage is hilarious!

Heather W. and I took Georgia and Havyn to Pinkaliscious! It was so cute and so fun!

Georgia's preschool did Rockets at the park. It was so fun! And so cute!

Georgia was riding on her bike after family night a couple of weeks ago. She had on a helmet, but landed straight onto her front teeth. When I first saw her mouth, I only saw blood--no teeth--I thought she had lost all of her teeth. But--no--her front teeth were totally pushed back. This picture is AFTER Nick had pushed them back into place (well one of them). The dentist said that time will tell if they are still alive or not. If not, they might have to pull both of them. But--at least she's 5 and her front teeth will fall out in the next year or so anyway. But--she definitely wants to keep them around a little bit longer!

Lucy got a check-up too while we got Georgia's teeth checked out.

Georgia plays soccer and Nick is her coach. She is SO PROUD that he is her coach. She was saying something in the car and I turned around and asked, "what?" and she said, "mom--I'm actually not talking to you, I'm talking to my dad (the coach)." lol. And I had to start practicing with her team before Nick got there (because he had a Jury Trial that ran late) and she was so nervous that I wasn't teaching the right thing. I would teach them a soccer move and she kept telling me to ask the other coach if that was the right soccer move to teach. And she kept telling all of the girls on her team that the "real" coach was on his way. She is like the MVP and super competitive. If she doesn't score more than 1 goal, she feels like she failed. She said she doesn't do well when she is laughing and smiling while playing, but she plays better when she gets angry. I tried to explain that this is "competition."

We went golfing at Davis Golf Course for date night! It was a blast--and we are so rusty and totally stink.

My Mother's Day Pineapple decorated to look like my face! So cute--and Georgia made sure to tell me that she would make sure that she would do whatever I wanted to make my Mother's Day great! She's perfect!

Her Leotard says "Hold On to that Wild Soul"--she is so wild and SO cute! I love the energy she brings to our family!